Jose de la Cruz

“Jose Careta”, as he is known in his town, lives in Montecristi (DR). For more than thirty years he was been making the masks that are used in the carnivals that take place every year in this area. His masks are known for their original characters, forms and designs. This artisan uses paper mache and recycled materials in this craft, which he learned from his Uncle, who had learned it from his grandfather.

Rafael Morla

An artist from a province called Romana (DR), where he used to be a general contractor. He has dedicated thirty-six years to the arts and crafts, and works primarily with wood sculptures and other materials he gather from different places.

Floating Sculptures

Is a series of thirteen wood sculptures. We Work in a local carpentry workshop, in Santa Barbara, Santo Domingo gatheringdifferent parts of furniture and wood types. It is a work based on the interaction of form, color and tones.

Jesús María

Jesus Maria is an artisan from Salcedo (DR) who works exclusively with a native tree from Central America and The Antilles, called Higuero. Jesus creates his designs by carving the dried fruit of this tree, which becomes hard when it dries. With this material he creates accesories, decoration objects, lamps and more.